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We are a company that trades green coffee at fare prices with excellent

Quality in beans and cups. good frangance and exellent aroma.

We provide  our coffee from the best coffeee regions in Colombia such Caldas, Antioquia, Risaralda, Huila and Nariño

We carry out our shipments from the port of Buenaventura; and our commercial relations with the main shipping companies in the world allow us to streamline export processes.


CALDAS: The coffee that is produced in Caldas is a hillside coffee. The topography of the rural area of the landscape has an average slope of 48%. 84% of that area is on slopes between 25 and 75%; in 13.5% of the area the slopes do not exceed 25%, and 2% of the area has slopes greater than 75%. We supply from: Aguadas | Anserma | Belalcázar | Chinchiná | Filadelfia | Manizales | Neira | Palestina | Riosucio | Salamina | San José

RISARALDA: The cup profile of Risaralda coffee includes Aroma: Intense; Acidity: Medium balanced body We supply from: Belen de Umbria | Santuario | San Jose | La Celia | Balboa| Quinchia | Guatica | Marsella | Mistrato.

VALLE DEL CAUCA: The cup profile of Valle del Cauca coffee includes Aroma: Intense; Acidity: Medium and Body: Medium. Other characteristics are that it is a drink that combines the sweetness of caramel like sugar cane melao, its citric acidity, its round-creamy body, and its varied notes of red fruits. We supply from: Sevilla | Trujillo | Caicedonia | Riofrío y El Cairo | el Aguila | anserma nuevo | La Tulia | Ceilan.

HUILA: In the cup it is characterized by a fragrance and aroma of chocolate, good sweetness and red fruits, fruity notes, coffee flower, medium-high acidity and a medium balanced body. We supply from: Pitalito | Acevedo | Palermo | Algeciras | Garzon | la Plata | Hobo | Gigante.

NARIÑO: Coffee with a very strong and caramelly fragrance and aromas, which in the cup presents high acidity, medium body, balanced, clean, smooth global impression with some sweet and floral notes. We supply from: la Unión | San Lorenzo | Buesaco | Colón (Génova) | Arboleda | La Florida | Sandoná | Consacá | Samaniego | San Jose de Alban y El Tablón de Gómez.

ANTIOQUIA: Coffee from the Antioquia region is characterized by having a balanced cup profile. Its aroma is genuinely intense and has a slightly sweet and fruity herbal fragrance. While its acidity, as well as its body, remains at medium levels. We supply from: Andes |Betania | Hispania |Ciudad Bolívar | Salgar | Betulia | Concordia | Caicedo | Fredonia.

Our coffee grows in volcanic soil, at altitudes of 1,200 to 1,800 meters, in places that are free of frost but receive around 80 inches of rain a year.



Exellent quality at fair prices